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    Nurses and Support Workers

    ENA Healthcare is the gold standard in healthcare and support sector placements.

    We are passionate about ensuring the placements for our Nurses and Support Workers is fulfilling and makes the best use of their skills and expertise.

    We provide our workers with:

    • ✓Flexible hours
    • ✓Rewarding placements
    • ✓Competitive rates
    • ✓Ongoing training

    We place Registered and Enrolled Nurses, Midwives and Assistants In Nursing in Hospitals, Disability, and Aged Care Facilities or within clients’ homes.

    Nursing Levels

    Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS): A Clinical Nurse Specialist is a Registered Nurse who has achieved a postgraduate qualification in nursing. They are recognised as a senior member of staff across all areas of practice but particularly in acute care. Clinical Nurse Specialists are expected to be able to monitor for acute changes and deterioration and know how to manage that and know how to liaise with the doctors and the teams.

    Registered Nurse (RN1): The minimum educational requirement for a registered nurse is a Bachelor’s Degree from a higher education institution or equivalent from a recognised hospital-based program. RNs are often given the role and duties of a unit manager, team leaders, or administrator. Their responsibilities may include, but aren’t exclusive to, medication administration, assessment, and management of patients and complex or specialised nursing care.

    Enrolled Endorsed Nurse (EEN): Typically trained in Diploma in Enrolled Endrosed Nursing – which is achieved during an 18 month or two-year course at TAFE. ENs provide nursing care, working under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse.

    Registered Midwife (RM): Provides care to childbearing women during their pregnancy, labour, and birth, and during the postpartum period. They also care for the newborn through to six weeks of age, including assisting with breastfeeding.

    Eligible Midwife: Competent to provide pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care to women and their infants; and is qualified to provide the associated services and order diagnostic investigations appropriate to the eligible midwife’s scope of practice.

    Assistant in Nursing Work (Acute Care): A person who has completed the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Assisting in Nursing Work in Acute Care) has completed clinical skills assessments in areas such as Temperature, pulse and respiration measurements, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose/sugar level measurement, simple wound cleansing and dressing, collecting and testing urine specimen, hand washing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, manual handling and patient physical movement.

    Assistant in Nursing (Aged Care/Community): They may or may not have a recognised qualification – either a Certificate III or IV. Other titles for assistants in nursing include “Health Care Worker”, “Care Assistant” or “Health Assistant” and they work predominantly in the aged care sector. An Assistant in Nursing works under the supervision and direction of the Registered Nurse and assists with personal hygiene, showering and toileting, repositioning patients in bed or assists with mobility. 

    Undergraduate Assistant in Nursing: Undergraduates employed as assistants in nursing or midwifery assist in the provision of basic nursing care, working within a plan of care under the supervision and direction of a registered nurse or midwife. The Undergraduate Assistant in Nursing/Midwifery remains accountable for their practice.

    Disability Support Worker: You can work as a disability support worker without formal qualifications, however, obtaining a Certificate III or IV in disability care may be very beneficial. You can also become a disability support worker through a traineeship. Disability support workers provide care, supervision and support for people with disabilities in the home, residential establishments, clinics and hospitals. They also work with other health professionals to maximise the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. They also provide companionship and emotional support, and when possible, promote independence and community participation.

    If you are a qualified and caring Nurse or Support Worker, we would love to hear from you.

    What we will need from you:

    If you are a NDIS Support Worker/Carer, you will require additional documentation, such as:

    It's been two years since I joined ENA and I feel privileged to be working with such a caring group of people. I would highly recommend others to come on board.
    Allison - RN
    I love working for ENA. The coordinators and staff members are so supportive and caring to all their nurses. They provide many employment opportunities in different health sectors, which has helped me improve my knowledge and experience. ENA truly cares about their clients and looks after its nurses. We feel appreciated. Thank you, ENA.
    Valentina, Nurse, U-AIN

    Interested in working for ENA Healthcare?

    Apply now by filling in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your application.